Modern Rugs UK

Modern rugs are the best choice to enhance the beauty of your home. Modern style rugs represent the mid-century period. The mid-century modern rugs never go out of fashion; they are long-lasting.

Types of modern rugs

Modern rugs are classified into three groups about fibre: polypropylene modern rug, wool modern rug and nylon modern rug.

They all are unique and special on their own. Polypropylene modern rugs are passed through some chemical treatments to make them soft and fire-resistant.

Nylon modern rugs are treated with fire-resisting chemicals but they are not much reliable; they do get a bit affected by flames.

Then if we talk about wool modern rugs, we can say that wool is the most used and preferable fibre worldwide because of its characteristics like they are very soft and pliable; walking over a wool rug makes you feel so fresh and amazing.

They are more durable than polypropylene and nylon. Wool rugs are strongly fire-resistant and wool rugs are more popular because of these factors.

Designs and colours

Modern rugs have dazzling and vivid colours. These rugs do not have tangled or complicated designs they consist of easy design; most often seen designs are abstract, geometric and stripe designs.

Modern style rugs are weave by both, either hand-tufted or hand-knotted techniques.

The durability of the rugs

The durability of a modern style rug depends on the way it is being maintained. If you maintain and take care of a rug by cleaning it properly with a vacuum cleaner, then the maximum durability of a modern style rug can be twenty years.

It is said that never use shampoo for cleaning purpose of modern style rugs.

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