2020 Collection of Handmade Rugs, 20% off on all collection

Happy New Year Everyone!

We are giving 20% off on all Handmade Rugs Collection at this start of 2020. What are your new year’s Resolutions? Comment in section below and let me know what you have decided to change this year?

With the Christmas, dinner parties and new year parties all said and done with, it is time to get back to re-decorating your home and give it a fresh new look. Read further for some tips and tricks for using rugs in the right way to give a new look to your room!

Tips for Using Handmade Rugs the right way to give your room a new look:

Colour And Pattern:

The first and foremost thing to know about the Handmade rugs is that Handmade Rugs use natural colours created by Vegetable dyes. Which is how you can clearly tell the difference between a machine made rug, which will have sharper or brighter colors, AND the Handmade rugs, which will have very unique natural color tone to it, which is more elegant with any kind of furniture.

You must keep in mind that your furniture, Curtain and Walls should all be in contrast with your Rug, so you must select the colour which goes along with it. Unless you are looking for a completely different angle. You can also match the pattern with Couch or walls if you like.

Handmade Design Options:

Handmade Rugs come in different designs. Contemporary, Classic, Modern, Geometric etc. You can look at our website for all kinds of Handmade variety and select the one based on your room furniture, or walls.

Room Spacing:

It is important to keep in mind that the spacing of your rug matters a lot. If you keep the rug in corner of your room, it can be used as a divider of space. For example, you can keep a book shelve along with a couch in order to make it the study space or area.

In a similar way, when using the handmade rug to go under furniture, it is best to make sure that all of your couches actually fit over your Rug, so size should be carefully selected. Read and take measurements of your rug carefully. A 6ft by 6ft carpet may not be able to hold all your furniture.

Runner and Area Rugs:

Runner rugs like Veg dyed Kilims work best for hallways and Area rugs, depending on the size, if it is inside room, then small and medium sizes work perfectly. You can also choose to keep the whole floor carpet, then it is a different scenario.