Our Showroom

There has been a Rug Centre in South Street, Dorking for about 20 years - Spring 2014 saw a change of ownership, We have now grown and moved to a bigger showroom in Wembley, but are still available online to serve Dorking locals.

Traditional and new designs, selection of wool, the dyeing, washing, finishing and quality control are all in the experienced hands of the Yarash family.

They do everything except make the rugs but they provide employment for a huge number of skilled craftsmen and women who operate some 600 looms across Northern Afghanistan. These are located in town workshops and in the weavers’ village homes. Some of the villages are only accessible during the Summer months because the precipitous mountain tracks are all but impossible to pass in winter.

At The Rug Centre you will find no-nonsense child-and-pet-proof rugs; rugs for warmth, colour and sound insulation; rugs to cover worn patches; rugs for investment and heirloom rugs to be treasured down the generations.

Browsers are always welcome at the Rug Centre where they will find the team, Masoud and Louise friendly, well-informed and never pushy. Advice, information and guidance are offered when requested or required.

Because our rugs are hand-made, each one is unique. Of course there are similarities in design or colour, shared characteristics but no two will be exactly the same. They are woks of art which are practical as well as beautiful and bring comfort, colour and your individuality into the home.

Wembley Showroom

SafeStore, Bounds Green Road, London, N11 2UD

+44 208 795 5594


Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday - Request A Showroom Appointment