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Chobi Ziegler Rugs London

Most rugs have their name based on their country, area or association where they originate, but the name of “Ziegler rug” is based on its design name.

Ziegler is a design name. Ziegler carpets are also identified as Peshawar or Chobi Ziegler rugs.

Where Ziegler Traditional rugs Started

In 1883, a German company named Ziegler & Co. in Manchester started Ziegler rugs production. These rugs were originated in Arak by Irani craftsmen.

These craftsmen keep the western market in focus. Now Ziegler style rugs export to western countries, where they are well known for their enchanting pattern and engaging designs.

New chobi Ziegler designs are crafted in Afghanistan.

How Chobi Ziegler are woven and designed

Wool with the ground of cotton is the main material besides wool. In some Ziegler rugs silk is also used for enhancing the look.

Mori and persona knots increase the quality and make the Ziegler rug long-lasting and strong.

For the ancient appearance and colour softening, some Ziegler rugs went through the stonewashed process and placed under the sun for some days.

The colours used in Ziegler rugs are made up of vegetables and plants.

The commonly used background colours of these rugs are: blue, brown, yellow or red, with shades of ivory and beige depending on the design.

The master and skilful weavers weave the Curve lines, flower or circles in a magnificent manner over the Ziegler rugs that it lays out incredible designs for the rugs with a thick fringe.

Characteristics of Afghan Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler rugs are more durable and long-lasting than other hand-knotted rugs because of their dense wool, perfection in weaving, stonewashed during the manufacturing process, usage of natural dyes and weaving techniques that make them delicate and soft in touch.

Chobi Ziegler rugs enchanting pattern and engaging designs are woven in such a beautiful manner that they merge in any contemporary and traditional decor or interior.

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