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  1. Super Kazak 276 X 213 cm
  2. Village Kazak 302 x 198 cm
  3. Village Kazak 304 x 220 cm
  4. Super Kazak 300 x 203 cm
  5. Village Kazak 292 x 198 cm
  6. Village Kazak 311 x 200 cm
  7. Village Kazak 293 x 242 cm
  8. Super Kazak 367 x 273 cm
  9. Village Kazak 238 x 167cm
  10. Kazak 119 x 79cm
  11. Village Kazak 146 x 49cm
  12. Super Kazak 297 x 76cm
  13. Super Kazak 138 x 89cm
  14. Village Kazak 142 x 51cm
  15. Village Kazak 183 x 63cm
  16. Super Kazak 206 x 147cm
  17. Super Kazak 235 x 173cm
  18. Super Kazak 238 x 177cm
  19. Village Kazak 176 x 119cm
  20. Village Kazak 182 x 117cm
  21. Super kazak 278 x 204cm
  22. Super kazak 283 x 207cm
  23. Kazak 186 x 186cm
  24. Kazak 297 x 82cm
  25. Kazak 291 x 81cm
  26. Village Kazak 279 x 180cm
  27. Super Kazak 348 x 246cm
  28. Kazak Village 342 x 262cm
  29. Super Kazak 305 x 244cm
  30. Kazak 278 x 238cm
  31. Kazak 288 x 213cm
  32. Kazak 201 x 62cm
  33. Kazak 246 x 90cm
  34. Kazak 250 x 88cm
  35. Super Kazak 180 x 187cm
  36. Super Kazak 202 x 200cm

Items 1-60 of 65 results

Kazak Traditional Rugs 

Kazak rugs are hand-knotted oriental rugs are used not only for floor covering but also for wall hangings.

Kazak rugs intensify the space decor and interior well with their enchanting patterns and design. These rugs suit both contemporary and traditional home Style rugs. Kazak rugs are said to be status.   

Antiquity of Kazak Rugs  

In the 18th century, Kazak rugs were originated in the Caucasus by the women of the region. Weavers of Armenia and Afghanistan used to idealised Caucasian designs.

Kazak Oriental rugs are still woven by the weavers of Hazara, Pakistan, with dedication and passion following the teachings of their ancestor.

The name ‘kazak’ is led by a town Kazak, Azerbaijan, which leads to Armenia and Georgia.    

Kazak Rugs pattern and designs 

The design of Caucasian Kazak rugs does not represent the tribe but the area where they have been woven. They are well known for their bold design over a large scale, vibrant colours, aggressive, geometric motifs and patterns. In ancient times, Kazak rugs were made with the 

 strand of silver and gold.  

What The Rug Centre, UK offers 

The rug centre has a variety of high-quality Kazak rugs at good prices. The rug centre has all the unique colours, different sizes and shapes. You can order caucasian Kazak rugs online from our website. You can choose any design, colour or pattern that you think can perfectly merge with your furniture design and colour. We deliver worldwide from Uk.