Bokhara rugs are handmade oriental Pakistani rugs used not only for floor covering but also for wall hangings. Bokhara rugs complement the space decor and interior well with their patterns and design.

History of Bokhara oriental rugs

Bokhara oriental rugs were firstly crafted by nomadic tribes, named tekke, in Bukhara, the region of Uzbekistan. Now, these rugs are being prepared in many rug-weaving countries e.g Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey etc. The demand and popularity of Bokhara oriental rugs spread across the western and European rug market in no time.

Designs and patterns

Different designs and patterns are woven over the rug. The traditional design ‘the elephants’ foot’ is woven wherever it is ideal. Zigzag lines surrounding the floral design or medallion diamond in the centre of the rug. Gul and geometric patterns are also very common in Bokhara rugs.

Various shades of colour are available e.g dark blue, black, orange, gold, green etc. Every single rug is different from one another.

Types of Pakistani Bokhara rugs

As these rugs are crafted by different tribes, there are different types of Bokhara style rugs which are the following:

Tekke Bokhara rugs

Tekke Bokhara rugs crafted by the tekke tribe have two further types, princess and royal rugs.

Salor Bokhara rugs

Salor Bokhara rugs are crafted by the sailor tribe which can be recognized by their intense and vibrant red shade.

Yomud Bokhara rugs crafted by the yomud tribe. Its designs closely relate the caucasian designs

Bokhara style rugs are crafted on New Zealand wool and Pakistan wool using Persian knots featuring the lowest to the highest quality as they are crafted either by hand or by machine so they vary in quality.

What The Rug Centre, UK offers

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