Traditional Rugs UK

Traditional rugs are handmade rugs, which originated in Turkey and spread over Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, India, and China. 

Oriental rugs represent the customary of Asian and European styles in the twenty-first century. Many people in the twenty-first century still love to decorate their modern homes with traditional things like covering their home’s floor with traditional Area rugs or runner rugs.  

Oriental rugs designs, pattern and styles  

Traditional rugs take inspiration from victorian, Asian and European styles; and use Persian and Oriental patterns.

It has sumptuous and involute patterns, which gives a glamorous and traditional look to your modern space. 

Oriental rugs usually have floral and tangled designs that are designed in some particular shapes like diamond, hexagons and octagons that makes the oriental rugs more lavish and opulent. The materials used in these rugs are often wool, silk and cotton.

You can either have small and large traditional rugs in round, oval, square and rectangle shapes. These oriental rugs are a very great choice as they give a very sparkling look to modern homes. It will enhance the beauty of your home.

Covering your rough or old floors with these rugs will make your floor a new one. You can use these rugs in your living room, dining room, bedroom to give a traditional look.  

Different types of Traditional Rugs 

Traditional Persian rugs, Traditional Turkish rugs and Traditional oriental rugs are the three main types of traditional rugs. 

Traditional Persian rugs are well known for their designs, elegant colours and high quality these rugs are not made from artificial but with natural materials. 

Its elegant colour and design will leave a magnificent impact on your space. Traditional Persian rugs beauty and glamour are long-lasting. You need to maintain them with care.  

What the Rug Centre offers 

The rug centre has a variety of high-quality traditional rugs at good prices.

Our range includes Ersari, Natural Afghan, Khan, Red Afghan, Fine AfghanBokhara Pakistan, Aryana/Chob Rang, Royal Ziegler, Kazak, Abshar.

The rug centre has all the unique colours, different sizes, and shapes like large traditional rugs. We have handmade traditional wool rugs and traditional silk rugs.

You can choose any design, colour or pattern from our website that you think can perfectly merge with your furniture design and colour. We deliver worldwide from Uk.