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Antique Shiraz Rugs

The Shiraz rugs are Persian rugs made up of wool or cotton with piles, warp and weft.

The Shiraz rugs are mostly in geometric style having geometric figures scattered over the rug giving out a tremendous look.

The often-used colours are red and brown. The Shiraz rugs complement a room or area having a wooden floor.

Where did the Shiraz Rug come from?

The Shiraz rugs are woven in the villages around the city Shiraz, known for relaxed culture and atmosphere, by nomads and residents.

The Persian Shiraz Qashqai rugs are spun by the Qashqai explorers of the province, Fars.

How the Persian Shiraz Rugs are made?

The materials often used in the Shiraz rug are wool, cotton and goat hair yarn. The Shiraz rugs are larger in size and bristly. They use a fixed loom rather than a portable loom for weaving.

Shiraz Rugs Ornament and Designs

The Shiraz rug’s designs are imitations of Qashqai, Khamseh, Basseri, Afshar, Abadeh and Luri designs.

But still, they hold on to their ingenuity as they are handcrafted and have their weaving style. The colours used in creating these rugs other than red and brown are khaki and green.

These rugs are well known for their good quality, and for their nightingales that are designed as angular-shaped birds on the rugs which symbolize happiness and contentment.

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