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Qashqai Rugs UK

The hand-knotted Qashqai rugs are alike in the genre to those of the Shiraz rugs, but the Qashqai rugs are of higher quality. The knitting is fine, more substantial in weight and more steady.

Background of the Qashqai rugs

The hand-spun Qashqai rugs are knotted by Qashqai tribes, who came from different cultural backgrounds.

Apart from their cultural background, these weavers learnt from their ancestors and endured to pass down their skills from generation to generation.

How are the Persian Qashqai Rugs Crafted?

These rugs are woven with fine and soft wool by interweaving the warp and wefts on looms. The Qashqai rugs are medium in size.

Designs and patterns of Persian Qashqai rugs

Qashqai rugs are mostly in geometric style having geometric figures either scattered over the rug aesthetically or enclosed by aesthetic drawings of the animals, flowers and birds that represent the tribe where they have been woven.

For some exceptional occasions, they weave rugs with symbolic designs. The Qashqai rugs can give out an energetic atmosphere to a dull space instantly with their enhancing colours and different designs.

Red, cream and blue are some common colours used in these rugs

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