Persian rugs

Persian rugs represent some symbols and a practical point of view like export or sale within their country's market or are used locally by their citizens. One of the cultures of Iran (Persia) includes weaving rugs or carpets.

These rugs are churn out in Iran. That is why it is also called Iranian rugs. The weavers are much experienced and perfect at weaving opulent, detailed and complex rugs with majestic accuracy and clarity.


The material used in these Persian style rugs is wool and silk mingling, wool and silk. Persian silk rugs have fine quality and a sparkling finish, which gives a glamorous look to your space.

Persian Style rugs are famous for their designs, elegant colours and high quality; these rugs are not made from artificial but with natural materials.

Its elegant colour and design will leave a magnificent impact on your space. Persian rugs beauty and glamour are long-lasting.

What Persian style rugs represent

There is always a meaningful message or a story behind the Persian rug’s patterns; you can guess the city or community of the weaver by just understanding or reading the pattern of the rug.

The colours of the rugs give out short messages. Then we have the symbols on the rugs.

These symbols are wove conveying short and meaningful messages for the public.

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