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  1. Maswaak 271 x218 cm
  2. Modern Gabbeh 336 x 248 cm
  3. Gabbeh 185 x 120cm
  4. Gabbeh 180 x 117cm
  5. Aryana Gabbeh 294 x 243cm
  6. Maswaak 188 x 118cm
  7. Modern Gabbeh 290 x 200cm
  8. Retro Gabbeh 308 x 80cm
  9. Retro Gabbeh 290 x 72cm
  10. Aryana Gabbeh 285 x 78cm
  11. Retro Gabbeh 156 x 95cm
  12. Retro Gabbeh 310 x 80cm
  13. Maswak 157 x 65cm
  14. modern gabbeh 242 x 159cm
  15. Sultan Modern 200 x 128cm
  16. Sultan Modern 280 x 187cm
  17. Aryana Gabbeh 270 x 177cm
  18. Aryana Gabbeh 302 x 242cm
  19. Aryana Gabbeh 304 x 239cm
  20. Maswaak 242 x 152cm
  21. Maswaak 183 x 280cm
  22. Maswaak 184 x 135cm
  23. Afghan Gabbeh 243 x 167cm

58 Items results

What is a Modern hand-made rug

When we talk of ‘’Modern’’ in this context, we refer to the appearance not the construction process. There is no difference in the actual making process of a Modern rug to that of a Traditional rug.

The wool from flocks of sheep local to the weaver’s homes and workshops is hand-spun and then traditionally dip dyed before the weaver hand-knots and hand-weaves the rug. This Sustainable craft has not changed over the years.

The main difference between a hand-made Modern rug and a hand-made Traditional rug are the patterns and colour combinations. This centuries-old art of rug making has not changed in order to create equally beautiful modern rugs with just the same expertise and quality as traditional rugs.

Our Afghan Modern rugs are made from natural fibres – Wool pile on a cotton warp. However, in Modern Sultan rugs there is a mixture of Wool yarns and Bamboo Silk used.

Whereas Traditional rugs tend to have borders or multiple bands of borders with the central area displaying the motifs (Guls) or floral patterns and as expected are often darker and with perhaps more conservative colour combinations. Modern rugs in contrast, generally do not have a border and the colour combinations and patterns clearly break away from what is expected of a Traditional rug.

Where can a Modern hand-made rug be best placed in your home

A Modern rug can enhance your lounge, study, bedroom, corridors and hallways, even a bathroom. Modern and Contemporary rugs bring a completely different look and atmosphere the home setting, whether it be a modern space or a classic setting. They also work well as wall art rather than a painting, with some rugs used on furnishings rather than the floor.

The Variations of Modern Rug Patterns and textures

Modern Rugs are as varied as the imagination but still have the signature of originating from an oriental hand-made background.

They clearly draw on research gained from traditional patterns or Guls and weaving and finishing techniques, as well as moving into far more fluid, sometimes more subtle and sometimes more obvious twists on traditional motifs.

The Modern Gabbah is a thick longer piled rug but its patterns often in horizontal rows still demonstrate bands of patterns which could be considered geometric even fairisle like. Sometimes the colours placed next to each other are boldly contrasting and with other rugs the colour variations are really subtle.

Whilst some Gabbehs are Block colours or just one colour with gentle mutations of one colour within the rug.

When seeing large areas of one colour a stone washed or ombre appearance can look almost purposefully created. This is known as Abrash and is formed when the fleece from different shades of creams, browns, greys and black sheep are spun together into yarns. When these multi fibred yarns are dip dyed each fibre will show the shades of the same colour differently when dried.

Within the Chob Rang and Aryana range you will quite often see traditional patterns or motifs but in a modern layout generally without a border. Some of the motifs are blown up as with some of the Modern Sultan rugs where large motifs almost give a sixties wallpaper feel. Or indeed become completely abstract as the colours shade into each other. We call this a ‘transitional’ pattern or effect.

And with Abshar rugs, very traditional patterns in over blown sizes are used but with colour combinations far from traditional.

Textures also are played with in a modern way as seen in our Maswak range where there are areas of pile striped with bands of flat weave or kilim. These weaving and alternating pile techniques originate from Traditional Barjasta and Traditional Mushwani rugs, which can be seen in our Kilim section.

Choosing the right rug

The Handmade Modern rug is very often equal to the painting on a wall, it can be a central focus or an integral part of the look and ambiance you are creating.

Size of the rug as well as colours, tones and pattern are greatly important.

Is a Modern or Contemporary Hand-made Rug for your home

From our experience whilst taking rugs into our customer’s homes, we have seen the impact a modern rug can make. With so much variety, they can reset the atmosphere of your room, bringing colour, vibrancy, amazing pattern or texture. Each rug is unique and should you give yourself the gift of one of our rugs you will find yourself forever looking at it in much the same way as a loved painting or other artefact.