Kilim Rugs: Authentic hand-knotted Antique Carpets, London 

A kilim rug is identifiable for its complete lack of hand-knotted pile. They are flat hand-woven rugs demonstrating a multitude of different hand weave techniques depending on their place of origin. Most but not all types of Kilim are reversible and all are very hard-wearing. 

Where kilim rugs are made? 

kilim originates from Turkey and it is traditionally produced in countries including Azerbaijan, Iran, and countries in Central Asia. It is woven throughout Asian countries such as Pakistan, China, Iran, Afghanistan, as well as in other places in North Africa, the Caucasus and the Balkans.  

What Kilim is used for? 

Kilim is a good idea to be used as decorative rugs for your room space. These are always in fashion as an elegant covering for the floor in western households. Antique kilims are also used for decorating the walls, hangings, covering the tables, bedspreads, furniture coverings and even bags are made of kilims. 

How Turkish Kilim rugs are different 

What makes kilims different from other rugs is that it has no piles, it is more affordable, it is lightweight, it catches less dust and dirt because of its pileless texture.

Kilims, both the warps and wefts are interwoven to each other. Kilims are a rich sensation, with deep symbolism that are consolidated within each rug’s patterns.

These symbols usually represent well wishes such as fortune, Good health, protection from danger etc. Each piece is unique. Kilims are considered artistic creativity as the design tells a story or can evoke emotions. And are cultural treasures as they are a romantic reflection of history. Kilim rugs are cheaper but high-quality rugs than other pile rugs. 

How Kilim rugs are made? 

The materials used in Turkish kilim rugs are Wool as a primary material, cotton, animal hair, silk. The sample tools used to make kilim rugs are a loom, a beating comb, and a knife or scissors. The way kilim rugs are woven makes kilim rugs more durable. 

Kilims rugs are well known for their eye-catching and dynamic designs. It is produced using different weaving techniques, depending on their place of origin. In the traditional techniques, a Kilim rug is commonly made by interweaving the warp and wefts on looms.

The slit weaving technique is used to create diagonal and geometric patterns. The flat weaving technique is used to create hand-knotted pileless rugs. 

What do we offer? 

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The Kilim is a very great choice for your home.