Uzbek Suzani 173cm x 137cm / 5’8” x 4’6”



A Suzani is a hand embroidered fabric which can be used as a table runner or table cloth, a throw, bedspread or wall hanging. The suzani patterns are commonly found in Afghan women’s national dress.

The vegetable dyed cotton yarns are stitched onto a simple calico – like cotton fabric. Once finished, the whole piece is then lined with a printed cotton fabric backing.
Afghan Suzanis are made by the Uzbek Tribes people in North Afghanistan. The Patterns and motifs are inspired by the traditional clothing of the Uzbek women.
Antique Suzanis can still be found. They are easily identifiable as the backing cloth is either a deep red, brown, navy or black, with some embroidered on a coffee coloured back ground. Generally, Antique Suzanis are not lined with a backing fabric, showing the loose threads on the reverse side.

Origin Northern Afghanistan
Style Uzbek Suzani
Stitching Cotton
Fabric Backing / Lining Cotton
Hand-Knot type Hand Chain stitch
Knot count Hand Chain stitch
Pile depth / Rug thickness 2mm