Patchwork Kilim Runner 304cm x 84cm / 10′ x 2’9”


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Patchwork Kilim. These kilims are made from a range of different Turkish weave constructions which are then pieced together forming a patchworked piece. Each rug has a fabric liner backing. These rugs are extremely hardwearing and good for ‘high’ traffic areas. Ranging from brighter, strong, often contrasting colours on some pieces to the muted more earthy tones on some of the other patchworked rugs. There are 4 types- Akma, Gajjar, Chapat and Kochi.

Kilim or Kelims are also known as flat weaves because they are created with a technique called ‘weft wrapping’.
The methods of kilim weaving has remained unchanged over centuries. The vertical warp threads are fixed and they become the foundation of the kilim. Coloured wool yarns are woven in and out of the warps to produce a design which is invariably geometric in style.
Being so reasonably priced, as well as hard-wearing and sometimes reversible, makes kilims popular for those who appreciate a lively ethnic style and are very good for those on a budget. They also look great as walls hangings.

Origin Turkey
Style Patchwork Kilim
Weft Cotton/Wool
Warp/Fringe Cotton
Hand-Knot type Hand Flat Weave
Knot count Hand Flat Weave
Pile depth / Rug thickness 3mm