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Persian Shiraz 251 x 163cm



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These rugs are named after Shiraz the capital of the Fars Province of Iran (formerly Persia).
Shiraz rugs were originally woven by nomad people who have mostly since settled in surrounding small villages.
The rugs depict a typically nomadic pattern being of simple geometric motifs, centrally placed.
On a Shiraz rug the background is normally a deep but bright cherry red with white and navy blue contrasting motifs, although occasionally found in a reverse colourway with a white background and red motifs. Within the main background colour images of birds and animal are often depicted.
Shiraz rugs are considered to be of good quality and are hard wearing.

  • Origin: Iran

  • Material: Wool/Cotton

  • Size: 256 x 170cm / 8'5" x 5'7"

Additional Information

Colour Warm / Dark
Shape Rectangular