Abshar Area Rug | Size: 208 x 147 cm | Colour: Red, Maroon

Abshaar rugs are woven by the Uzbek tribes in Northern Afghanistan. Abshaar is the name of a town in the Jowuzjan , there are about 25 small villages around this town. Mainly Uzbek people are the residents who weave these rugs. Abshar in Dari/Farsi language means “waterfall”. Traditionally these rugs are woven to welcome the arrival of summer, having very lively and bright colours. Abshaar rugs are very hard wearing , 100% wool is waved on cotton warp. The Knot quality on 1sqm is 110,000+ knots.
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Material: Wool/Cotton
  • Size: 208 x 147 / 6' 10" x 4' 10"
In stock
In stock
Shape Rectangular
Material Wool/Cotton

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