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Fine Afghan 296 x 197cm



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Fine Afghan rugs are so called because of their fine knots and classic method of weaving. They are identified not only by the quality of the knots but by the traditionally prepared materials. The colours are the customary deep reds with blacks, blues and sometimes a touch of cream/beige. When you touch one of these rugs you will find they are very smooth soft, densely knotted with a close pile. The supreme quality will speak to you.
These rugs are often given the name of the different areas in which they are made. Fine Afghan rugs include Shakh, Kunduz, Hatchlu, BaBa Sidik, Chinar Gol, Sulaiman, Chub Bash, Wazir,  Mawri Shakh, Dawlat Abad and Chakush.

  • Origin: Afghanistan

  • Material: Wool/Cotton

  • Size: 296 x 197cm

Additional Information

Colour Warm / Dark
Shape Rectangular