History of Handmade Rugs, Buy Online or from Showroom?

There is no accurate date or knowledge of when the first Handmade Rug was made in. However, some say and believe that it was near 16th century in Central Asia when handmade rugs were first used.

People back in that time used the rugs for multiple purpose, like giving warmth, sitting or laying on it, and just to improve the ambiance of the room itself. It was also used sometimes to cover the doorway and keep the chilli air outside.

There are few types of ways to make carpets by now:

Hand Woven
Hand Knotted
And there are many places where the carpets are made but most famous of those designs and patterns are made in:

Persia (Iran)

Buying Online vs Buying in showroom? Which is better?

We will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of buying online here. Whenever we need to look for best prices and cheap prices, we go online to search as we already know that we will be getting prices from all over UK and will be able to find the cheapest price from a seller for similar or same product.

You can choose from a variety of products and get to know how many rugs and what kind of rugs fall under your budget. It provides you the best comparison for the prices all over the internet.

Customer Reviews are big help in deciding which one is better. However, in handmade rugs, every rug is unique. But you can get the overall idea about the seller by reading reviews about them and their other products.

Free home delivery is a big plus. Only big online stores provide you with the free home delivery option, including us. However, some stores wont give you the free shipping fees.

The disadvantage of buying online is that you cannot see it until you get it at your door step, and the colors in the pictures will sometimes look different at home vs online.