The right rug can transform a room. Only you know the ambience you wish to create whether it be tranquil, traditional, minimalist or jazzy. Fortunately, at the rug centre there is a huge and varied stock from which to choose.

All the rugs are handmade. This means that every item is unique. Of course there are traditional designs which recur but being hand spun and hand knotted there are always subtle differences. Owning such a rug rather than a factory made one is the difference between an original painting and a mass produced print.

Ideally, one should start with an empty room but as that is not always possible, it’s a good idea to take a colour sample, e.g. Curtain material or a cushion so that your selection is focused.

Maximum and minimum dimensions are vital. If you have a beautiful floor it would be a shame to cover it completely just as it is wrong to smother a lovely rug with a large piece of furniture.

You won’t know if the rug you like in the shop will be happy in your home so it is important to home trial it – or indeed a selection- to try in situ. You should view the rug/s in daytime and artificial light – and – as handmade rugs have a directional pile, you should turn it round, end to end when you will see that from one direction the rug is light and from the other direction appears darker.

You are bound to enjoy a visit to The Rug Centre. The small team is friendly, informed and non-pushy. If you ask for advice it will be given, for example if you seek a runner for your hallway and there is heavy traffic (teenagers, big dogs and the rugby club) you will be steered away from soft piled pieces and towards something more robust.

Handle the rug you like to experience the feel of it. A long-lasting rug is tightly knotted and when you look on the back of it the rows should be even. The smaller the knots are the longer it took to make and the more you should expect to pay.

Your final choice, and it may take some time to find the right piece, will give you a buzz of pleasure when you enter the room. It will convey your personality and individuality to everyone coming into your home, and should you move house you can take your lovely rug with you.