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Happy New Year Everyone! 

We are giving 20% off on all Handmade Rugs Collection at this start of 2020. What are your new years Resolutions? Comment in section below and let me know what you have decided to change this year? 

With the Christmas, dinner parties and new year parties all said and done with, it is time to get back to re-decorating your home and give it a fresh new look. Read further for some tips and tricks for using rugs in the right way to give a new look to your room!

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There is no accurate date or knowledge of when the first Handmade Rug was made in. However, some say and believe that it was near 16th century in Central Asia when handmade rugs were first used. 

People back in that time used the rugs for multiple purpose, like giving warmth, sitting or laying on it, and just to improve the ambiance of the room itself. It was also used sometimes to cover the doorway and keep the chilli air outside. 

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Rug is the most important part of interior design of your home, all the rooms will look unfinished if you do not have a rug there. Which is why you need to get a rug. It not only fills up the empty space, but also gives your room a different texture and ambiance.

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Introducing a rug to a room is a simple way to add character, warmth, or create a quality finishing touch. Afghan rugs especially are a sign of premium workmanship and authenticity.

Here are just a few ways you can use these sought-after pieces in an interior design scheme.

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By: Joao Jose

The History of the Afghan Rugs

18 Mar, 2019

The rugs are weaved over several weeks and months, and it is this natural, holistic process that makes them such a sought after product. In 2008, 2013 and 2014, Afghan rugs won prestigious international awards, which are held every year in Germany.

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By: Joao Jose


25 May, 2017

The right rug can transform a room. Only you know the ambience you wish to create whether it be tranquil, traditional, minimalist or jazzy. Fortunately, at the rug centre there is a huge and varied stock from which to choose.

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