Belouch 134 x 86cm


Also known as Belouch or Baluchi rugs. Balouch rugs are woven by the Nomads in the Herat, Farah, Badghis and Faryab Provinces of Western Afghanistan. The hand knotted yarn used in making these rugs come from a local sheep which has very fine fleece, hence the soft and pliable handle. Baluchi rugs are known for their resilience and have a sense of age and history behind them, the design in each rug being unique. Balouch rugs have a dark hue, the backgrounds are often either dark red, dark brown or navy blue with contrasting highlights in white or ivory and yellows and oranges.

  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Material: Wool/Cotton
  • Size: 134 x 86cm / 4'5" x 2'10"
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In stock
Shape Rectangular

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