Based in London for more than 20 years, we specialise in high quality, beautiful, vegetable dyed, hand knotted and hand woven rugs made by Afghan Artisans, as well as beautiful Persian, Indian and Pakistan rugs.

Unlike other Rug Traders our company make and import the rugs from Afghanistan.  They are collected from our rug weavers all across Northern Afghanistan. They are transported down into Pakistan and then shipped over to the UK where they are stocked in our extensive warehouse and showroom not far from Wembley Stadium. Because we are not ‘middle men’ so to speak, we are able to sell directly to our customers, thus keeping our prices down.

With such an accessible location, we are happy for customers to visit us to see our wide range. We have rugs for varied interior settings ranging in size from small mats to huge carpets in traditional, classic, modern and contemporary designs and patterns.

You can buy from our online shop or direct from the warehouse. We work within your colours and specifications to help you choose the right rug. Should it be of help to you, we are even able to arrange for rugs to be tried out in your own setting without obligation to purchase.

The Rug Centre is owned by Masoud Yarash, the fourth member of his family, along with his brother, to follow in their father's and grandfather's footsteps of rug making, importing and selling.The Yarash family originate from Mazar-E-Sharif in Northern Afghanistan. The family has been in the rug trade since 3 generations, and continue to produce and work with a vast number of rug weavers, mainly in northern regions of the country, as well as branching out to work with rug weavers in India, Pakistan, Iran (formerly Persia) and China.

The Yarash family are aware of the potential exploitation of rug weavers and their families in many eastern countries. However, those rug weavers located in the northern regions of Afghanistan are supported by the Yarash family, not just by making sure there is an outlet for their trade, but through supplying yarn and, additionally, where possible, access to healthcare and schooling.
The Rug Centre was originally located in the Antique area of Dorking, Surrey, from 1991 to June, 2018. Formerly owned by Michael Woodman, who retired early from a career in dentistry to follow his life-long interest and hobby in Eastern rugs. As well as carrying out his own buying trips abroad, Michael bought many of his rugs from the current owner; Masoud Yarash, who, at the time, imported and only sold to retailers of rugs. As a result, Michael built up a strong and trusty working relationship with Masoud, sharing knowledge and working together, sourcing high quality rugs, sometimes to individual customer personal specifications.

When the time came to think of his (second) retirement, Michael was keen to pass his treasured business onto Masoud. The seed was sown and eventually, Masoud became a retailer as well as an importer of prestigious, high quality, hand-made rugs, taking over The Rug Centre after Michael in 2012.

The Rug Centre only sells hand-made rugs, originating from Afghanistan, Iran (formerly Persia), India, Pakistan and China. The majority of the rugs are made from wool, some with a cotton warp, and some with pure silk.

The rugs vary from traditional to modern and contemporary with a small section of stock being antique and rare investment pieces. With no ‘middle man’ involved, we are able to keep our prices reasonable and competitive, offering ‘from the loom to the hand’ prices, rarely found elsewhere. Not to be confused with shops sporting similar names, the rug centre is one of the largest stockists of high quality, hand-made Eastern rugs in the UK with the shop acting as a Gallery as well as a Showroom … and well worth a visit just to witness the colours, patterns, sheen or matt surfaces and textures…. a bonus when buying your rug.

In responding to customer requests, as well as being aware of the net as a market place of its own, we have recently launched our Website, joining in the growing of the online market place to enable a wider audience of people, who prefer to research and make purchases online, to learn about us. Not all our rugs, by far, are on the website, given the enormous range of stock we own, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us so that we can select from our other stock, or better still, visit the showroom in Wembley. You can also make an appointment to visit our warehouse in London.